Great Team Building Events To Help Families

Great Team Building Events To Help Families

November 8, 2020 Off By Owen Jones

Family is the cornerstone of society with strong relationships within the family helping the members feel strong and secure. A good family base instills values of relationships in growing children and I have observed that those families that play games and do activities stay together with respect, faith and trust in the institution with better communication skills.

I fully support events for team building in families that not just build synergy, but also hold the family together. Team building events and exercises have helped in building interpersonal relationships and offering great enjoyment that in turn fosters better communication and team spirit towards a common aim. The frequency of these events does not matter as much as their helping one and all in building oneness.

Some of the team building events and exercises that have actually helped are:

Help My Blind Brother Out:

This interesting group event gives every member in a group a chance to feel the advantages of group synergy and instills a cooperative spirit in every member of the group with the lesson that cooperation helps in the fulfillment of bigger goals.

The members are first separated into two equal teams. Some random items like a chair, table, a ball, and bucket should be strewn about the room. The two classes stand on opposite sides and one member from each group is blindfolded.

The two blindfolded members have to get to the other side without bumping into any of the objects scattered around or the blindfolded member of the other group.

The other team members help their blindfolded member in the pursuit by giving instructions and hints. A point is awarded for each successful attempt and the team acquiring the most points wins.

These are a couple of my favourite activities:

This activity has been very useful for extended families in getting to know more about the events that the children and other new family members enjoy performing. It proves really useful in family reunions to help everyone get to know each other better.

All the members of the extended family stand in a circle and every one takes a turn to demonstrate what they like to do through actions, this carries on until he or she is correctly told what the actions depict. This could also be played with a variation where a favourite animal or food is portrayed and guesses have to be made.

This activity has helped many individuals comprehend that most of them ultimately had a lot of common likes and dislikes and helped others play a function in encouraging each other to carry out the things they always wanted to.

Building a Family Bond

Building a family bond has never been easy in real life nor will this activity be simple either, but it will definitely build ingenuity and patience between the family members, sometimes in the extended family too. The activity starts with all members standing in a small circle as close to each other as they can.

Then every one extends his or her hands and with each hand holds the hands of another person. Then they endeavour to untangle the bonds so created without letting go off any one?s hand. This activity not only builds synergy, but also instills a feeling that patience and creativity has helped resolve most concerns in a group, be it in a family or in a team at work.

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