Guidelines For People Who Are Looking For Housemates

November 17, 2019 Off By Mirriam Hawks

When you first move out of the family home and decide to get a place of your own it can be quite a shock to realize just how much it costs to run a household. It could be more financially prudent of you if you share the accommodation with some friends instead of struggling on your own.

But just because your friends may be nice people when you are all out and about together it may be a completely different story when it comes to sharing a house with them.

This is why it is always a good idea to set out some guidelines and ground rules for everybody that is living in the house. Everybody has to be aware of what is permitted and what is not permitted in the house.

For example it is okay for somebody to live like a slob and leave things in a mess as long as it is only in their own room. Any part of the house that is shared by everybody must be cleaned up within a certain time frame.

Nobody wants to live in a house where the bathroom is always in a messy state. So to make sure that these rules are followed by everybody the best thing to do is for everyone to be listed on a cleaning roster and take their turns at cleaning duties.

The only other time that you lived with somebody else was when you were at home so some changes will have to be made on both sides. It may not be acceptable to others in the house for you to play your music all night long as it may disturb the others in the house.

Your mom may not have minded you using her new pans without asking first but again your housemates may find this totally rude and unacceptable behavior. This is why you must sit down and agree to certain rules beforehand.

When you are sharing the household it is everybody’s responsibility to pay their way so do not be frightened of discussing the finances with your housemates.

You have to be able to trust the people that you are living with especially if one of them is collecting the money each month to pay the bills and do the shopping.

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