Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

August 2, 2019 Off By Royston Tan

Having a positive life full of meaning is indeed possible even in this digital age we now live in. Certainly, our lives are more full than ever but one will find that being able to look at life after being married and what life was like before that — in its positive aspects, of course — can be a way to have just a bit of that old life while also living the good new life in many enjoyable ways.

To use an example, imagine the days when you were a local guitarist of some note, playing weekend gigs with your bandmates and generally enjoying life on one level. Your life changed, however, when you finally met the woman who became your bride, and it was changed for the better, no doubt. You can still have a bit of that old guitarist life as long as you take care of your new life first of all. So pull out that old Ibanez electric guitar and have some fun.

It’s important to remember that there is a crucial word that underlines all of the above, and that word is ‘priorities.’ If you hope to have a bit of your old life while also taking care completely of your new life for the benefit of your wife or husband and even the kids, should they arrive, you’re going to have to decide what’s important in your life and also what may be not so important but which might be nice to have.

Maybe you also liked to do a little bit of wilderness hiking and photography back before you entered into your new life. Well, you can still have a bit of that as long as you realize that it’s important you keep your family involved in some of your passions. Bring the wife and child along — remember that kids go in a car seat like an Eddie Bauer convertible — and go out there and live a little.

The point to all of this is that you need to look at life like a big cake; slice it up into its proper proportions and have a piece — in a manageable size, of course — and enjoy it. And a good way of sweeping up one or another of those pieces is to get to work on all those projects you now want to do around your home. Making it more habitable for the family may mean pulling out a portable space heater and getting that unheated garage wired up, for example.

In actuality, keeping the best of what he once had while also joining it completely to what you now have — if looked at positively — is eminently doable. Keep in mind that you always want to have things you can count on in your life, such as the love of a family and your love for them. It can help you grow as a person while also helping you to better plan out your life just a bit more than you once were capable of doing.

Leading the good life in a positive way isn’t really that difficult, especially nowadays when there’s so much help and assistance available for people who need to plan a bit better. There are plenty of ways to access advice and planning tools that can help you plan out your life even down to what kind of socks you going to wear three or four years from now. So then; keep your life prioritized and have a plan for meeting those priorities above all else.

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