Help For Deciding Between Plastic, Metal or Wooden Sheds

September 11, 2019 Off By Timothy Corcoran

If you are trying to decide whether to purchase plastic, metal or wooden sheds, there are quite a few considerations to keep in mind. Aside from the overall costs, we will be looking at three basic categories. They are: durability; flexibility; and appearance.


Although they are both durable and reliable, plastic and metal sheds do have their weaknesses. In warmer climates, metal sheds can get blistering hot. And, plastic (or vinyl) can be damaged over time if exposed to extreme heat. If wood is treated, wooden sheds can last for years even if overexposed to heat and sunlight. A real plus for all three types of materials is that they can all be painted to add protection.

One of the negative aspects of metal is that it can be dented pretty easily since the metal is thin. This doesn’t make for a pretty site if there are a few good sized dents in the walls of your shed. On the other hand, wooden sheds can be easily repaired if nicked or dented simply by filling in with wood filler and painting. Since wooden sheds are framed the same way that larger structures are, such as a house, they are quite sturdy and can handle extreme weather conditions.

Wood Gives You Options

With so many styles to choose from, shopping for a shed can be pretty overwhelming. And, though they all come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, their cost can vary greatly as well. The main advantage of constructing a wooden shed is that you can start from scratch and build a completely custom shed.

For a minimal cost, you can purchase and download from hundreds of shed plans online. If you have a particular need, you can simply alter your shed plans. So, let’s say, you want to store a motorcycle or tractor mower and you need to add extra length to the plans, now is the time to do it. This makes a great starting point for anyone that has basic carpentry skills.

How Your Shed Looks

The overall appearance of a wooden shed can’t be touched in comparison to plastic or metal. Take advantage of the wood’s natural beauty (especially cedar) by simply sealing the wood with a high quality water sealant or stain. Place your wooden shed in a place where you can easily see it from your house. Metal and plastic sheds are better placed farther from view are even off to the side of the house.

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