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Home Cleaning Tips

February 26, 2020 Off By Mr. Clean

Home Cleaning TipsThe type of bagless vacuum cleaner you use in your home or office, is something you have to choose that will best suit your needs as a consumer. There are two types of bagless vacuum cleaners, an upright bagless and a canister bagless. These two types have advantages and disadvantages to choosing one over the other, but both have been in use for years.

Most consumers view an upright vacuum cleaner as more of a traditional vacuum. An upright vacuum cleaner, simply put, is just a vacuum cleaner that stands upright, and you walk behind it holding the handle. It is easy to maneuver with one hand and usually has 3-4 wheels located on the bottom of the vacuum.

An upright vacuum cleaner is typically large in size and can be heavy to move and utilize in small spaces. That vacuum usually comes with a variety of different attachments to use in cleaning a variety of surfaces. If you live in a home with ample storage space an upright vacuum cleaner will clean a large surface area in a short amount of time and you will not need to carry it around with you as you can push it with its wheels.

While being shaped like a cylinder, the canister vacuum sits low to the ground and very compact in size. Being so small and compact makes this vacuum easy to move around and even carry. There are a lot of types of attachments that you can utilize with your canister bagless vacuum. One attachment included is a long hose to help you reach high hard to reach spots such as walls, curtains and ceiling fans.

With its compact size, you as a consumer can either leave the vacuum on the floor and use just the hose or you can even carry it around with you. Also you can store your vacuum in just about any storage space available, especially smaller closets. These vacuums are great for homes with little to no storage since they are compact and small.

There are subtle differences between these two bagless vacuums, the upright and canister bagless. With research you will be able to choose the best vacuum for your needs. There are a large variety of sizes, styles, and prices for both the canister bagless and the upright bagless vacuums.

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