How Can A Teenage Closet Be Organized

A teenagers closet is a sacred territory; it is governed by unknown rules and keeping stuff in order is not one of them. No matter how much they dread it, parents need to take a stand sometimes and deal with their kids mess. Convince your teenager to be your partner in cleaning it and make up rules to keep it tidy the future.

A teenage closet is governed by the rules of chaos. The disaster is even bigger if the teenager is a boy. However, as a parent, dont attempt to enter his territory and clean it without asking first, that would really upset your teenage kid. Ask permission first to help them organize their closet and maybe they are willing to help out, if not, at least not fight it.

Ideally, a teenagers room is a place to study and relax. Help him achieve that and you will then have a happier and more serene child. Also, think of simple ways he can maintain the room in order afterward.

Before starting organizing the closet, decide which clothes to keep and which not. Teenagers grow very fast, so, consider donating clothes that are now small. Throw away clothes that are too old and ripped.

Once the old clothing is out, begin organizing the closet. Separate the teenage boys clothing and set them into categories: short-sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, jeans, etc. Place them into drawers by category. You can also arrange them by season: summer clothes is one category, winter clothes a different category. Underwear and socks go to separate drawers. Keep formal clothes separated from casual wear. You can hang them on poles, the school uniform as well. Placing clothes in full outfits will make it easier to select clothing from the closet in the morning rush.

Shoes go together in categories on the bottom of the closet: sports shoes, casual, formal and school shoes. Accessories should stay together, in a box or a drawer, the belts and the bags can stay on hooks, or on the top shelf of the closet. Make sure the closet has enough shelves for a teenagers needs and install some more, if necessary.

It is a good idea to place a basket for dirty laundry in the closet. This way, a teenager will simply toss the dirty clothes there, and not on the floor anymore. Dont forget to place an air freshener in the closet.

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