How Is Alzheimers Disease Spread Among Humans

January 31, 2020 Off By Irene Mmari
by Irene Mmari

Unfortunately the older you get, so does the list of troubles that seem to afflict you and the most prevalent type of dementia affecting the elderly is now the Alzheimer’s condition. The gradual loss of retention must be difficult and with at leastten percent of people aged 65 and over affected, it is fast becoming a major age related health problem.

Although it was first discovered in 1906 by a German doctor by the name of Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer’s disease is still has many secrets even though the world started to take it seriously over 30 years ago. Long term clinical research indicates that getting older is the main cause for catching this degenerative disease. Recognition of Alzheimer’s early on is often delayed by the person having symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease themselves, when they either fail to recognize the signs or choose to dismiss them.

Although there are many areas of dementia, Alzheimer’s treatment is the same as other degenerative brain disorders. Even after all the research, presently there is no lasting treatment for Alzheimer’s disease but there are a number of drugs which can aid with addressing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Some of the medicines authorized by the FDA including: Tacrine, Donepezil and Rivastigmine have demonstrated some improvement in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease but they are short lived and mostly don’t help the intellectual powers for much longer than six months.

There are some successes though and a new drug by the name of Memantine is proving to be effective in retarding the intellectual impairment seen in Alzheimer’s disease patients in the later stages of the disease. This new drug Memantine is being offered to patients with Alzheimer’s disease who have been prescribed Donepezil. So far the side effects referring to Memantine given to patients of Alzheimer’s have been low because four fifths of the drug is excreted out unchanged, through the body as urine.

This disease is being treated by authorities as a serious medical challenge since the general age of the industrialized world’s population is increasing and is currently the fourth biggest cause of death in the USA. In addition to this the economic cost of treating Alzheimer’s disease alone each year, has risen to in excess of 40 billion dollars. About half the yearly budget was allocated to Alzheimer’s research last year by the National Institute on Aging. To show the global concern surrounding Alzheimer’s disease, study is being conducted out into over 300 compounds globally, which may be effective in treating it.

Currently one of the only ways that can help in slowing down or stopping Alzheimer’s is to ensure a healthy lifestyle is embraced and sustained. However, medical investigators think the more content someone with Alzheimer’s disease is, the slower his or her decline will be. At the moment, this disease is still a degenerative disorder affecting primarily the elderly but a few young individuals have recently acquired the disease.

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