How To Avoid A Messy Kitchen While Cooking

October 16, 2019 Off By Charice Martin

A favorite hobby of ours is the routine of cooking. We all love to prepare culinary delights for ourselves or our friends and family to taste. But one thing that we do not enjoy is cleaning everything up afterwards. How is it that we create so much mess when we do our cooking?

This problem never used to worry our ancestors. The richer families had servants to prepare their meals for them in the kitchens below stairs. The servants used to do all the cleaning too. All our ancestors had to do was to turn up for the meal and then retire.

This never used to be a problem for the poorer families either. This was because they could not afford such lavish meals. What they could afford to eat was never wasted, and so there was very little mess to clean up afterwards.

We even have time saving gadgets to help us speed up our cooking today. Unfortunately they also have to be cleaned up after, and this makes the cleaning up process even longer.

Many people do still hire cleaning ladies a couple of times a week. But I really cannot see them leaving a kitchen that is all messed up, and waiting for the cleaning lady to sort out.

It is safe to say that cooking remains one of my passions in life. Cleaning up however is certainly no a passion. I have tried to do various things that I thought would help but without success. That was up until I discovered his little gem of an idea.

I now try to clean up as I go. I keep the sink full of water, and as I use certain things I wash them up straight afterwards. This way when I get to the end of my cooking there is only a few things left to clean.

It certainly helps washing up as you go along. If you have guests over for a meal, you cannot abandon them to go and wash up after you have finished eating. By washing up as you go along you will have more time to spend with your guests and more time to enjoy your meal.

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