How to Design The Perfect Home Office

May 5, 2018 Off By Suzanne Mantiry
by Suzanne Mantiry

The desk in her home office was littered with paper, files and random articles. A small sign, almost lost amongst the mess read, A cluttered desk is a sign of genius. The genius, however, did not look as if she was having a very good day. She searched in vain, through the mess that was her desk, looking desperately for that one item. It soon dawned on her that even a genius needs to be organized. Home offices, it seems, tend to be more disorganized and cluttered than offices that are outside the home. Maybe the relaxed atmosphere of being at home makes you more lax about putting things away, maybe you are cramped for space or maybe you are just more inclined to lay things about in your home. If you have neglected to take the time to put together a good organizational system for you home office, maybe you should consider having it custom designed. A custom home office will reflect your personal tastes while meeting your needs. At the same time, you will have a workspace that lowers your stress level while increasing your productivity.

And we could all use a little less stress, couldnt we?

Quite often, it is the home office that is left wanting. In the beginning, when things are getting set up, a second hand desk is shoved into a corner without thought of functionality or practicality. You may promise yourself that soon you will take the time to give your workspace a facelift. For whatever reason, that someday never seems to come and you watch helplessly as the files take over the inbox while the paper overtake your desk. Eventually, you are hard pressed to find anything at all.

Now, imagine for a moment that someone comes into your home office and completely revamps it. They take measurements, they assess your needs; they even ask you what YOU want! Envision, if you will, a company that has the capabilities to devise a system that will meet every single workspace need that you have from design to organization to even matching the dcor of your home! Now picture your personal workspace, your home office as an area that is functional, easier to work in and clutter free.

If someone were to take on the redesign of your home office today, right this minute, what would you tell them that your needs are? Do you have limited space but need lots of storage? Perhaps a floor to ceiling all-in-one work area with lots of shelves, drawers and cabinets would do the trick. You can have your computer within reach while the cables are out of the way and your printer is easy to reach without interfering with your work area. And why is this possible? Because instead of your equipment being integrated into an existing workspace, your workspace is built around your equipment!

A custom designed home office allows you to create a workspace that compliments your home dcor. It is made to work with your home living space instead of clashing with it. A contemporary living space may inspire a workspace that is designed in a sleek contemporary style. Traditional home dcor is complimented with a more traditional workspace featuring elegant oak finish and ornate molding. A classy European Classic style home office would fit well with a Euro Classic home, especially when it boasts a library ladder, stylish lattice door inserts and a rich maple look.

The dcor for your home office does not have to be an afterthought. You can have a workspace that fits your lifestyle and your life when it is created by home office designers. A custom designed home office will help to relieve your stress, reduce the clutter in your workspace and give you a comfortable place to work that will make you feel productive and relaxed. Whether you are running a million dollar business from your home office, or just paying the bills each month, when you take the time to create a workspace the is made just for you, it will make any tasks that you perform there much easier and more pleasant.

In a time where haste and clutter dominate our lives, sometimes we need to slow down a bit and simplify our lives. Your custom designed home office can do that for you.

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