How To Find The Right Office Furniture

February 10, 2020 Off By Owen Jones

|When people consider acquiring office furniture they fall into two classes. There are the inexperienced who think that they have to go for functionality and there are the ones that have lived through that and opt for comfort and style.

It is not that these two approaches are mutually exclusive, but most buyers of office furniture instinctively think that they are. The fact is, that when a client walks into an office, first impressions matter. No matter which business you are in this is the case. However, office furniture ought to be appropriate to the station of the firm using it.

It is equally as ludicrous to go over the top as it is to be stoic. This is not only important to clients and visitors (potential clients), but it is also vital to the self esteem of the people who work for them – the office staff need to feel appreciated and the people working for the company but outside the office need to feel proud of the company they work for as well.

Therefore, it is crucial to get the right office furniture in order to create the right image for your company and it is essential to get the correct office furniture to create self-respect in your employees. But there is another aspect to why you ought to get the right office furniture and that is because the right office furniture will increase the efficiency of your office.

Everybody will instantly comprehend that efficiency is the goal of every office. Efficiency means that the office can either decrease charges to the clients, which will obviously please them or the office can keep prices up to the industry benchmark level and increase profits for the shareholders. This is an important managerial decision the role in which the correct office furniture should not be underestimated.

So, how do you go about achieving this ideal office environment? Well, surprisingly for most people, the starting point should be the office seat. It has to be ergonomic, which is another topic that I and many others have written about before. It is too much to go into here, just do a search.

When you have the worker sitting correctly, the table should be at a height that is at least six inches above the knees. Most office employees like to have a hardwood table for prestige and this can be accomplished quite easily even on a budget with a veneered table.

A decent alternative is a glass table. However, the glass table should be ‘smoked’ or tinted and definitely manufactured from toughened glass. The tint is good for modesty and because it looks more stylish and toughened for safety.

The table should be as large as practicable both for reasons of prestige and because a cluttered desk is maddening to work at. It is important to permit an office worker enough space to do the job well that they are there to do, which also affects their self-esteem and job-satisfaction. Increasing employees’ job satisfaction, which does not only include pay, is one of the best means of raising office productivity.

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