How to Live a Clutter-Free Life

December 30, 2018 Off By Julie Clark Robinson
by Julie Clark Robinson

Modern life continues to add to the ‘stuff’ that piles up every day and gets in the way of productive living. The more toys we have, the more likely we are to misplace them and run late while looking for them. Take control back! Living a clutter-free life doesn’t have to be for Type A neat freaks, just a few simple steps can eliminate some stress and put you back on track.

1. Never leave things in you car. Every time you pull into the driveway or office, give your care a look around before you lock it. Carry any coffee cups or trash along with you for the nearest trash can. If you have library books to return later or dry cleaning to drop off, allocate one seat for these items rather than leave them strewn all over.

2. Keep your work space for work. Remove everything from your desk and get back to the basics. One by one, put things back but only after you’ve really considered whether or not you need them daily. Put the ‘pile system’ to work for you and prioritize files or papers that need to be handled first and what can be dealt with later.

3. Free up some kitchen space. Do you make coffee every single day? Toast? Create a gourmet meal from that spice rack sitting in the corner? If not, stash these things elsewhere and see if you even miss them.

4. Make sure your laundry room does its job – laundry! Don’t let this area become the dumping ground. Move the laundry through and get it out of there. One pile for dirty clothes, one pile of folded clean clothes and keep it flowing.

5. Remember the purpose of the family room. It’s for the whole family, not only the children and their toys! Are there too many throw pillows and blankets taking up valuable floor space? Is there a mad scramble every evening to find the remote? Dedicate one area for all necessary things in this key area and you’ll actually have a place to relax. Make your family mantra ‘leave the room as you found it’.

Getting back on top of your ‘space’ can be a daunting task, but you can do it! Just start with one area and don’t move on to another until you’re happy with what you see. Even if the process takes longer than you’d like it to, remind yourself that you have to start somewhere. Just start!

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