How To Make Your Home A Home Sweet Organized Home

April 27, 2022 Off By Abraham Hamberson

How do you want your home to feel? That is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you decide to tackle any area of your home. Because when you get the feeling you want inside your home, you can create that with everything you add, remove, and use.

But my home is just somewhere we live. It doesn’t have anything to do with feeling. WRONG! The feeling you get when you are within the four walls of your home is crucial to everything within you.

When you wake up, are you dreading the day because you left dishes in the sink? Because nothing is put away? Because you didn’t plan out your day? When you go to bed, is your mind racing because there isn’t any order within your bedroom? Can your brain take a break or is it always spinning because nothing is put away?

See, your environment affects everything about you. So creating a Home Sweet Organized Home is about creating calm within you. But how do you do that? I am sharing 5 ways you can create a Home Sweet Organized Home.

Get Specific With What Home Sweet Organized Home Means

Whenever you start anything, do you just jump in? Or do you have an end-goal in mind?

I need an end-goal. What do I want to accomplish and what does that look like? And I have found that most people need an end-goal in order to feel like they completed that goal.

So why don’t you do the same for organizing? Why don’t you clearly define what “organized” actually is?

When we clearly define “organized”, you can create that everywhere in your home.

Organizing Habits

Organizing habits are habits you create to keep you organized. Everyone has habits they do that either keep them disorganized. Or help them be organized. When you set yourself up to successful habits, you are more likely to keep yourself organized.

These habits can include putting items back where they belong. Giving realistic expectations of others in your family. Labeling everything.

When you set yourself up to be organized by the habits you create for yourself, you are going to be more organized.

Mental Clutter

Mental clutter is all that stuff going on in your head. You always have things to think about. But when those thoughts are living rent-free in your head, it is time to stop that.

To tackle mental clutter, write it down. Pen and paper. Because brain research shows us that we process things better when we write it down. So set a timer and write/doodle/draw until things come out on paper.

The Organizing Mama writing labels on Post It notes


I am a former perfectionist. I used to have to have everything perfect before I would start. Or turn in an assignment. Or feel like I was finished with something.

But I have learned that perfectionism comes with a price. I have spent too much time trying to make our house look perfect that I lost the joy in watching my kids play. So I have stopped the crazy idea that it needs to be perfect to be organized.

Instead, it needs to be put away. And that is perfect enough.

The Organized Mama putting away things in her kitchen

Keep Things Easy In Your Home Sweet Organized Home

Teaching your kids how to organize is just as important as you organizing things. But it starts with getting clear on what organized looks like. And setting realistic expectations that everyone in the family can follow, including the kids.

Now each age grouping of children can do different tasks, start small. And teach them what you want. How you want things to work. And where everything should go.

Labeling everything also helps so they can see/read where you want things. Which can lead to organized spaces without you having to do much!

The Organized Mama with Home Sweet Organized Home

Home Sweet Organized Home

So where do you go from here?

You have to clearly define what you want your home to feel so you can decide what organized looks like for you. Then you can set up organizing habits to keep things tidy.

Deal with mental clutter so things stop living rent-free in your head. Write it down on paper with a pencil or pen to truly get it out of your head so your brain can process it.

Perfectionism can stop you from being organized, so learn ways to prevent that perfect mindset from taking over.

And get your kids involved by giving them the tools they need to truly be organized. Set realistic expectations for their age. And label everything.

All these tips and more are covered in my first book, Home Sweet Organized Home. Use the book as a reference to walk you through every step of the organizing process. Grab your copy here.

home sweet organized home on ottoman with plant

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