How To Organize Your Life

August 7, 2019 Off By Julie Jones

If you are feeling scattered and nothing is going smoothly, then perhaps now is the time to discover the secret on how to organize your life. Feelings of helplessness are not good and these negative feelings take a toll physically and mentally. Does this describe how your life feels? It is time to take the reigns and get control in order to restore some calm into your life.

The best angle to approach at this stress is to itemize daily events. Find time so interruptions can not get in the way. Making a suitable atmosphere helps a person to relax then focusing comes easier. Computers may be the favorite way to write but, paper and pen is preferred because it takes away online temptations like checking emails and it will let you focus.

Once the atmosphere is perfect, write down everything you can think of in your life that you feel creates chaotic stress. For many people, first thing in the morning is the worst part of the day because it is always rushed. Start dissecting your typical morning by asking yourself, how can you make the mornings calmer? Next, figure out if ten or fifteen minutes more in the morning can help you avoid this anxiety. Chances are, only ten minutes more would help eliminate the morning nightmares. Those ten extra minutes could make the day start with ease and if getting up earlier is not desirable, go to bed just a little bit earlier.

There are always some routines that can be done before you go to bed. This will help a lot. Pick out what you want to wear the night before. Be sure the coffee in the coffee maker is set up ready to go and prepare what you can for your lunch. Do not experience that feeling of forgetting something as you dash out, be sure to have what you need at the door the night before.

As for daily chores, if you have family members, then delegate some of what needs to be done. Do not carry the load when there are able body people around who can help.

So many times when there is too much sitting on our plate something usually gets forgotten. Keep a pad of paper handy at all times and jot down what must be remembered; this way it eliminates forgetfulness. If it is at all possible, do not write down what needs to be remembered on a loose piece of paper. The intent and the effort is great but the odds are, that little piece of paper gets misplaced.

Last but not least what are the things you do in a day? Is there anything you can get rid of? Burning that candle every day at both ends will land you up with no wax; and no wax means possible breakdown or susceptibility to illness.

You see, settling down and letting the dust settle allows you to see things clearly and gets the ball rolling to organizing your life more effectively.

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