How To Use A Franklin Covey Day Planner

How To Use A Franklin Covey Day Planner

November 18, 2019 Off By David Maslow

How To Use A Franklin Covey Day PlannerI use my day planner everyday that is made by Covey Company. This allows me to do so many things that I wouldn’t be able to do without it. I can organize so many things and stay on task. Everyone that I meet always asks me how I stay on task and get done what needs to be done. Now, I am going to reveal my secrets that I use every day to stay focused and on task, no matter what distractions come my way.

Setting priorities are the first thing that needs to be done. Make a small list of your biggest opportunities that you need to focus on. Now that you have this list, the day planner will be much more effective when you combine the two.

A few ways this can help you are as follows:
It will help you remember what you need to do today that your forgot yesterday. If you day gets crazy, then this will help add stability and balance to what needs to be done. If you have information that needs to be filed, just make a note and do it later. It allows you to keep your schedule in front of you at all times. It keeps your big picture goals in mind with what you are doing on a daily basis.

How To Use A Franklin Covey Day Planner

Some other great benefits of a day planner are:
It allows me to remember my friends birthdays and other important days so I don’t forget. I can write down and organize information that is in my head that needs to be brought out. I look and appear organized if I ever had to go on a job interview. It is a great place to track your expenses and keep you from overspending.

Now that you know some of my techniques to stay on track, you can do it as well. There are many things to be considered when using the daily planner. This is what works for me in my life. Feel free to use these and create your own as well. Good luck on staying on task.

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