I Feel the Earth Move: How to Avoid Moving Day Disasters

June 28, 2020 Off By Affordable Storage Guy
by Affordable Storage Guy

Ah, moving day, that special time of year when most of your friends and family suddenly have pressing business elsewhere! Chances are a few kind souls will offer to help, though, so have a supply of snacks and cold drinks on hand.

If you’re lucky enough to have hired professional movers, you can spend part of the day exchanging goodbyes with friends and neighbors. If not, you can enlist those friends and neighbors to help you load up the moving van!

Take a systematic approach to emptying your rooms. Go through them one at a time, and, once the boxes are all out, vacuum or sweep the floors, then close the door to indicate that the room is empty.

Designate a safe place for the essentials you’ll need to take with you, including your driver’s license, car keys, and new house keys; they won’t do you any good if they get packed in a box and tossed in the back of the truck!

If you have time, leave a note for the new occupants detailing any quirks in the plumbing or other information it would be helpful for them to know, to help get them started on the right foot.

Once the truck is loaded, take a quiet moment alone to reflect on the time you’ve spent in the home you’re about to leave for the last time. Separate the good memories from the bad, and leave the bad ones behind.

Read the electric, gas, and water meters one last time so you can check your final bills to see that they’re accurate. Lock everything up tight, and make sure all the lights and appliances are turned off. Then hop in the van and start it up; you’re ready to go.

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