Ideas For Organizing Things Inside A Linen Closet

If you aren’t yet an organizing master, try getting some practice in your linen closet. This is an organizing task that is quick and easy, and brings satisfaction for a job well done without too much effort.

Unless, of course, you use your linen closet for things other than linen. Then organizing gets a lot more complex. If you also store towels, coats, cleaning products, and other stuff in there you need to stop for a moment and assess the space available. Is the linen closet overcrowded? Can you reach everything as needed? You may want to move some items to a more appropriate area of your home and free up space.

After you decide this, you will know what you will use the linen closet for and you can proceed. Next, figure on the best storage system for you and put that in place.

Linen closets generally function best with a series of shelves. A hanging rod, and shelves, is also a usable configuration. Try using hooks and small baskets also. If you use these for smaller items, the items won’t get lost and the closet won’t start looking all cluttered.

Remember that it is best to keep the things you use most frequently at eye level. This allows easy access so you can get to sheets, and to towels you use frequently, easily and quickly. You may also store other things in the closet such as out-of-season coats, or bedding. If you do, these items do fine on a less accessible shelf. Keep them in proper containers or bags, this keeps them fresh during storage.

Some people also keep cleaning products and appliances in their closet. It’s not uncommon to find the iron and ironing board, and vacuum cleaner in a linen closet. If you do this, consider where you put everything if you have young kids.

With children in the home, safety becomes the first concern. All cleaning products should be out of reach. Store them up high on a shelf. Then, put a child-resistant latch on the door of the closet.

One thing that is a nice touch is to hang something fragrant in the linen closet, like a cedar block or lavender sachet. This keeps the bedding and towels smelling nice and fresh.

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