Ideas On How To Design Your Office To Have A Better Work Environment

April 26, 2018 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Have you tried being welcomed by your receptionist with a big and joyful “hello”? Does she carries a glistering smile and greets you right after you enter the dental office? Although this scenario is what everyone expects, it rarely happens. I visited a lot of dental practices and most of them failed to satisfy me.

The common scenario I bump into upon entering a dental practice is a very busy receptionist. She won’t even have the time to greet me as I stand in front of the counter waiting for her to spare some of her time. She will eventually entertain me after a few minutes but her actions would clearly imply that I am an interruption to an important activity.

This is such an embarrassing situation just to find out that she will greet and entertain me while making me feel that I’m an interruption to an activity far more important than me.

To create a strong dental practice, it is a must for you to develop a well-built interior brand. The only way for you to do so is to make sure that communication between the staffs and patients is pleasant.

One factor that is often missed by dental practices is the link between the staff and the patient or interest individuals who wants to inquire about the services offered. A strong relationship between the two parties is a must to develop a strong interior brand.

Are you willing to be at war participated by staffs and patients? Of course not! No one would want to experience such a gruesome situation. As the staffs continue to neglect the presence of patients and fail to entertain them accordingly, battle for attention will continue, which will sooner lead to an “Us versus Them” scenario.

Instead of having the receptionist behind a glass window, why not place them at a desk? This is the main concept behind the “Receptionist as Concierge”, which is a new way to make things better between the receptionist and patients.

This is the method applied in the finest hotels which made their reception very effective. If it has been proven to be efficient for them, why not in dental offices?

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