In Life, it’s Your Choice To Decide

April 25, 2019 Off By Damon Nelson
by Danielle Deray

A life that depends on a crystal ball is just bland. Watching a basketball game will cease to be exciting because you already know who would make the winning dunk. You no longer have something to look forward to since you already know what will happen tomorrow and the day after that. Moreover, your life will be deprived of the adrenaline rush, stress and happiness that excitement brings. Aren’t we blessed that the life we have is one which is unpredictable?

Between the moment you’ve opened your eyes and the time you sleep in the evening, you will encounter a number of choices that you need to decide on right away. An example would be waking-up early in the morning to go for work. Once you’ve heard the loud sound of your alarm clock, you already know that you have to prepare for work. If you hit the snooze button, you might end up being harassed by a road full of traffic and a tardiness memo. This is just one epitome amongst the hundreds of decision you have to make. That was a boost of confidence wasn’t it?

The procedure of choosing and deciding can be really easy but it can also be very difficult. In this process, you have to do a lot of thinking which is a tedious work. To top that, the effort you’ve exerted doesn’t determine the success of your decision. In life, there are no guarantees. You might have started out your day right and early, but along the road to your office your car’s tire got busted. This is a perfect example of the life‘s “no guarantee” rule.

We cannot escape from the responsibility of making a decision. We must step-up and and take risk of choosing and deciding. Sitting inside your car to wait for somebody to do the work for you, will take you nowhere. Life must be lived.

For you to arrive in a decision, you must have options to choose from. To be able to proceed, use your knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness, these are the tools that will help you. Brainstorming is another option you may opt to do. In your car dilemma, you may change the tire yourself or have a towing service attend to you. After that, you may just hail a cab to go to your office.

Lastly and most importantly, is editing. Rid of the choices that are not possible due to the limitation of your resources and those that scored low in your benefits. To make things easy for you, list the pros and cons for each of your options. This technique allows you to quantify and qualify your choices. Another important add-on to your procedure is confidence. To make all your plans possible, you must be able to trust yourself.

Whatever you decision is, you should be ready for its consequences. The path you have chosen might take you to a good or bad destination. You just have to keep in mind that there would always be a way out of your situation.

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