In Life, it’s Your Choice To Decide

April 19, 2019 Off By Danielle Deray
by Danielle Deray

A life that depends on a crystal ball is just bland. Watching a basketball game will cease to be exciting because you already know who would make the winning dunk. You no longer have something to look forward to since you already know what will happen tomorrow and the day after that. Moreover, your life will be deprived of the adrenaline rush, stress and happiness that excitement brings. Aren’t we blessed that the life we have is one which is unpredictable?

The first thing that greets us in the morning are choices. The simple fact of getting up from your bed in an early morning is an act that was determined from a number of choices. You may ignore your alarm clock and grab that extra snooze but doing such would lead to a highway of traffic, tardy slip and annoyed boss. That is just one example amongst all the choices we have to make everyday. We are simply great, aren’t we?

The procedure of choosing and deciding can be really easy but it can also be very difficult. In this process, you have to do a lot of thinking which is a tedious work. To top that, the effort you’ve exerted doesn’t determine the success of your decision. In life, there are no guarantees. You might have started out your day right and early, but along the road to your office your car’s tire got busted. This is a perfect example of the life‘s “no guarantee” rule.

Despite all the odds, we are still called to decide. We have to have the courage to take the risk and take sides.You can’t just sit inside you car and wait for someone to do the task for you. You have to take the lead to be able to reach your destination.

The next step is to identify and create your options. Stocked knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness are the best tools to help you out. You may even do brainstorming and edit your ideas later on. Think of ways that would allow you to go to your destination and secure your car. You may opt to call a towing company and have your car repaired, or you may change your car’s tire by yourself.

From the choices you have,eliminate some to determine what action you should execute. To do this, think or list the pros and cons of your choices. Assess which option would give you great benefits and which is possible to happen given your limited resources. The most important thing in this process is your trust towards yourself. Confidence is a significant ingredient in for us to transform our dreams to reality.

Your decision might end up with a rain or sunshine. Whatever happens, it’s important for you to be prepared for the consequences. Just enjoy the experience because all problems have an equal solution.

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