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January 17, 2020 Off By Alexis Hodge

When disasters strike an area of the world, people often want to assist the victims. This is no less true for the Haitian people affected by last year’s earthquake. However, some individuals may not know how or where to donate their resources. Those wanting to help Haiti now can provide relief by donating to several organizations.

The Red Cross continues to accept monetary donations for Haitian victims. A person can call his or her local Red Cross office to give cash donations or to charge a donation to his or her credit card. This organization actively works in the field on the island and provides food, water, and medical assistance to the displaced citizens of that country.

Catholic Social Services also helps internationally affected victims of tragedy. Like the Red Cross, Catholic Social Services also accepts money and clothing to aide people. Relief workers from the organization include priests, nuns, and Catholic students working on missions. They help rebuild hospitals and schools, while also distributing food, water, and medical aide. They additionally provide spiritual respite for people needing prayer or spiritual services.

Students across the world have taken it upon themselves to raise money for Haitian relief efforts. Indeed, some children have donated money from their lemonade stands or bake sales to provide relief for the children from that country. Schools hold fundraisers and collect soda cans to recycle for money, clothing, canned goods, and other resources to send to the nation.

Likewise, many private businesses and enterprises held food and clothing drives on their own and asked their workers to bring with them to work these items. As a result, resources like food, deodorant, shampoo, rubbing alcohol and bandages have been collected and distributed to people in the island country. These items allow the victims resume their daily routines.

On a bigger scale, cell phone companies took it upon themselves to ask their clients to text certain code words like ‘donate’ or ‘Haiti’ to the Red Cross or other organizations to donate money to the relief efforts. The media have reported that substantial amounts of money has been raised through such a public campaign, as many cell phone users chose this option to assist in the recovery process.

As the island country continues to rebuild, individuals may continue to contribute by donating money, food, clothing, and other resources to charity relief entities like the Red Cross or Catholic Social Services. They can even support local efforts like giving to food and clothing drives or patronizing a child’s effort to raise funds. Because it may take a substantial amount of time to complete the rebuilding and recovery process, people can continue to help Haiti now.

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