Interesting Closet Design

April 3, 2019 Off By Dylan Brodderick
by Jane A. Moore

I have been in the business of closet design for a number of years now, and I think that I am pretty good at what I do. My approach is to maximize the amount of usable space in a closet, and at the same time making it as simple or elaborate as the customers budget dictates. Smaller jobs often involve just a few wire racks and perhaps adding a second hanging bar. My favorite closet makeovers are always the large walk-in closets with a decent enough budget so I can include built-ins and accessorize with furniture.

The business of closet design has seen a resurgence over the past few years, so my business has been doing quite well. No complaints from me at least. With the added business, I had thought that I had just about run into any closet design project possible. Although I try to be imaginative and creative with each new job, there are really only so many problems and solutions you will encounter in the business of closets.

As is always the case, just when you feel at your most confident, you run into a design problem that makes you stumble and perhaps doubt your abilities. I, myself, ran into a huge closet design issue that I felt unprepared to handle. I had this experience last weekend in a most unexpected place. Although thoroughly challenged I think I rose to the occasion.

A couple of weeks earlier my sister called me to see if I could possibly come to stay at their house and watch their son for the weekend while they had a weekend out of town. When I agreed that I was available that weekend, she then informed me that it would involve a bit more than bike riding in the park. She admitted that the only way she could convince my nephew to be happy about the weekend home alone was to promise him that his aunt would come over and design his closet with him. “How fun!” I thought! My nephew might be thinking of going into the business!

So I packed up all my design books and swatches, making sure to include my book with fun childrens handles and knobs, thinking that I was totally prepared for this design job. I arrived, good-byes were said, and my nephew and I gathered up our respective piles of samples and clippings. As we started laying things out on the table, I began to realize that my nephew hadn’t been clipping pictures of elaborate storage systems, or fun racks and colourful plastic bins. No, what I saw was a small collection of plastic knights and dragons figurines, and a pile of comics featuring castles and moats. The design job that I was in for was not to provide storage space in my nephews closet, but rather convert a boring old closet into a middle-ages castle suitable for a knight in training!

Even with my lack of experience with this particular closet design project, I came away with some new skills and everyone was quite happy with the result, especially my nephew. Regardless of the design challenge that is thrown at you, if you approach it with an open mind, you may surprise yourself with skills you didn’t know you had. So get started on that closet design project you’ve been dreading for years – whatever goal you have in mind for the finished product, it is bound to improve your currently underused cluttered excuse for a closet.

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