Items Usually Included As Part Of A Personalized Golf Kit

April 15, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

As soon as you have learnt golf, it is important for you to invest on buying golf equipment and having your own golf cart. This is essential to be able to improve your game for each and every equipment has an important role to play in the way you play. Therefore it is essential that you buy the right tools that fit you and learn to play using them alone.

Golf ball is the first item that should be on top of your list to buy. You should ask for a golf ball with a weight of 45. 93g and a diameter of 42.67 mm.

Let us tell you a bit of a brief about the golf balls which you will find useful. The golf balls of today are made using multiple layers of synthetic materials. Earlier on they used to use leather golf balls or balls made out of feathers. There are two varieties of golf balls. The soft cover variety is used for short distances and gives more feel and higher spin, while the hard cover is used for long distance hit and play.

Golf clubs come in four varieties namely Woods, Irons, Putters and Wedges. You use Putters when you play on the green as well as on the mini golf courses. Woods are useful to play long shots from a tee or a fairway and Wedges can be used for short shots.

If you look at the grip and the club head of the golf club, what is in between is the shaft. A shaft is made to be circular in shape and is made thicker towards the grip end where as it thins out towards the club head end.

Earlier on shafts used to be made out of hickory wood. Now they are made out usually of tempered steel or graphite. Only the highly specialized shafts are made using titanium as well as aluminum.

You get shafts with many different types from tapered to steps and smooth ones. You will need to buy a golf bag of the right size to crate the golf equipment around from one course to another. You can opt for a nylon golf bag or a leather one which is in the shape of a cylinder and built around plastic frame. All of your golf bag should be able to accommodate all the golf clubs.

The golf bags are built with several deep pockets to be able to hold all types of additional equipments and supplies. You will find large straps on the golf bags so that you can lug them around comfortably. It would be better for you to buy a small trolley or a two wheel pull cart to keep your golf bag and lug it around.

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