The Easiest & Fastest Way to Keep a Company-Ready Clean House

April 28, 2019 Off By Sherry Borsheim

Are you less than satisfied with the condition of your home and find yourself running around your home stuffing items into closets and drawers because people are on their way to your home? Here are four fab tips to help you do just that.

SOLUTION – Start by De-Cluttering Your Home. This makes cleaning significantly easier and your home will seem clean and tidy. Every item in your home should either be something useful or that you love or (at the present time).

Repeat this 15-minute clutter-free exercise once per week until you have a clutter-free home and some extra cash. The NBC Today Show reported that the average American family has $2,500 worth of goods that they don’t like and don’t need or want. What could you do with an extra $2,500? Plus it’s great for our planet when we re-distribute our unwanted items to those who want them. Manufacturing new items consumes resources and the old items take up room in our landfills.

Craigslist is one good way to sell your unwanted items. Ebay is another option but does require some know-how. You could hire someone to sell your things for you, they will simply keep a portion of the profits, usually about 50%. Many Professional Organizers offer this service, go to to find one in your area. You can go to and find a PowerSeller in your area that offers this service.

TIP – Going forward, for every item that comes into your home, you must get rid of an item. Have a box or bin set up in your home for items to donate or sell. Each time a new item comes into your home, select an item to get rid of and put it in the box. If you are very strict about this rule, you will not accumulate clutter. Every time you purchase a new shirt, a pair of shoes, a candle, a magazine, an ipod, a DVD or anything, get rid of something. If you do not follow this rule, you will continue to accumulate more and more stuff. Once a month, donate or sell every item in the box.

SOLUTION – Create a Place for Everything! Keeping your home clean is virtually impossible if you do not have a place for everything. Find a place for every item in your home from paperclips to hair spray to receipts. At the end of each day, spend just 5-minutes walking through your home and put away all items that were left out. If everything has a place it should only take 5 minutes to put everything in its place, if you do it everyday.

TIP – Set Expectations for Yourself and Others in your Household! The expectation should be that you and every member of your household puts away each and every item they take out, preferably as soon as they are done with the item. Every capable member of your household can also contribute to keeping your home clean and tidy. Divide up chores, such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming and dusting. Young children can be in charge of simple chores like washing linens.

TIP – Set a Cleaning Routine Even if you have a professional cleaning service that cleans your home, having a daily “maintenance” routine will keep your home company ready at all times.

Possible Morning Routine 3-Minutes in the Bathroom – Keep a roll of paper towels under the sink. Wipe down the counter and faucets and wipe up hair from the floor. 2-Minutes in the Bedroom – Make your bed and put away your PJ’s. After each meal clean up the dishes and wipe down your counter tops and table. If you have toddlers, clean up the floor.

Possible Evening Routine 5-Minutes – Walk through your home and put away items that were left out and empty the garbage’s, if needed. 2-Minutes – Put away your clothes before going to bed.

Example Evening Routine – 5-Minutes: take a walk through your house putting away items left out. 2-Minutes: put away your clothes before crawling into bed.

In addition to these daily routines, your home does need a thorough cleaning at least once every other week. You could hire a professional housekeeper to do it or divide up the cleaning among all of the capable members of your household. Hold yourself and everyone else in your household accountable.

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