Keeping Pleasant Memories Forever Through Photos

February 3, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Despite growing up and having all the things that you can possibly dream of , one thing that you will hold close to your heart and treasure it always are the photographs of yourself and your family photos. These are the window to the beautiful magic world of relationships and memories that come flooding to you and you spend hours going through the photographs. Past history comes alive with photos in your hand. No digital photography can match with the magic of holding the photo and going back in time.

If you want photos to last you for several years, then you have got to make sure you maintain them neatly in an album and keep them away from moisture and dust etc. Keeping them in cartons in the attic or in the drawer is not the proper way and they can get spoilt in no time.

When you have too many photos, then a photo box would be a better choice for you to stack all the photos and put them away. Buy a photo box from a photo shop so that you are able to get an authentic photo box that is made using chemically treated paper. These boxes are resistant to organisms and bacteria as well as pests. Besides they help keep moisture at bay and keep the photos safe.

The boxes are quite sturdy and multi layered. They contain reinforced edges so that they do not sag or buckle in storage. The inside paper ensures the photos are kept dry and no discoloration takes place. Though you would need to pay a little more than an ordinary carton, it is still worth buying this photo box.

The boxes are built for stacking up to three high and they will not sack or buckle under the pressure. They can be stored anywhere in the attic or basement and will not attract moisture.

Just because you are stacking the photos in a box doesn’t mean that you stuff all the photos and fill the box to the brim. It is advisable to stack the photos in small bundles and label them with reference and period if possible. This way it will be easy for you to store as well as retrieval is easier. It makes sense to make a list and paste in on the inside of the lid.

Besides paper photo boxes you also get more expensive leather as well as wooden photo boxes. All of your important photos like wedding photos etc can be safely preserved in these. They normally have provision for label display. Though more expensive they are worth it.

Why not think of gifting a leather photo box to your best friend on her wedding? You can gift this to your immediate family members too for they will surely cherish it. Makes a good ideal gift item.

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