Latest Research Shows Online Degrees Are Now Preferred By Most Employers

December 31, 2018 Off By John Maxted
by J.B. Maxted

One of the main doubts that people have relating to getting and education online is how employers are going to respond to it. Will they think that it is lesser quality than a traditional education, or will they accept it as equal or even think more highly of one?

Over the last decade and particularly the last few years, employers have transformed their traditional stance on online degrees and now possess a far more positive point of view than they have in the past.

It was not long ago when employers viewed online degrees as being inferior. A reason for this was because it was a new concept. Another was that well known universities had not yet begun adopting their own online bachelor degree programs. However, as time has gone on, more major universities have started offering education programs online and for that reason more jobs and employers have begun accepting these degrees as worthwhile and equal to conventional degrees. This is going a long way to changing what employers think of online educations.

For that reason online bachelors degree courses do not have the negative reputation they once had. Sure, there might still be a skeptic here or there, as there is with anything else. That’s why its so important to take the time to point out the quality of the program and education on your resume. Make sure you list the full name of the degree, the name of the university, and some of the classes and major assignments you completed during your pursuit of the degree.

You may also want to further explain your personal situation while in an interview. Speak about how tough it was to undertake the education in an online environment, how demanding the courses were, why you preferred to pursue an online degree course and keep expanding on that.

You should also ensure that the online degree program you take is fully accredited. This is a further worry that has been reducing in the last few years, as there are now a huge number of selections available for legitimate online degree programs.

A few employers even see online diplomas as having extra merit than their conventional counterparts. The reason for this is the use of, familiarization and mastery of new technologies that are essential to flourishing businesses. Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on online technologies such as webinars and video conferencing, and therefore an online student’s experience in these fields could prove to be extremely beneficial. The ability to display how much hands on experience you have with recent technologies such as these can give you an advantage over other applicants.

Another benefit to the online bachelors degree program is that people are beginning to appreciate how much commitment, effort and sacrifice is needed. If you can successfully complete an online degree program, you should be able to take on any job thrown at you. It shows that you are independently driven and motivated and that you are able to juggle multiple challenges and responsibilities at once. These are qualities that make one candidate stand out over other candidates in competitive job interview environments, and gives an online student the edge.

Without a doubt the way that online bachelors degrees are perceived today has changed a long way from even a few years ago. Gone are the stigmas and skeptical employers, replaced by legitimate advantages and strengths. Just be certain to clearly describe your degree and your program, along with why you chose to study online, to help satisfy the doubts and concerns of any perspective employer.

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