Leaning Online Gains A Big Boost From New Online Media Technology

May 31, 2018 Off By John B Maxted
by John B Maxted

One of the biggest problems with online education has always been the lack of a classroom experience and a real college environment. In the past many people were unable to overcome this flaw and did not pursue an online education. However, in the last few years there have been great improvements in the technology used to deliver online bachelor degree programs. Now more than ever, online courses provide a realistic and interactive setting.

The widespread availability of high speed broadband internet connections has greatly simplified matters. Instructors can now put large video and audio presentations online, confident that their students will be able to quickly download the class material and begin working almost immediately.

A large part of modern online classes is conducted with recorded class presentations. These have also been greatly improved, with instructors narrating a PowerPoint presentation. The end result is an experience much like that of being present in the lecture hall for the presentation.

Other instructors may choose to actually videotape their classroom lectures. This provides an even more realistic experience as you can really watch the professor speak and see what they emphasize. It also helps to reinforce a name with a face so you can connect and trust that person more.

Another improvement in technology has enabled students to interact with each other more effectively. Online discussion boards serve as the virtual classroom, wherein you discuss topics with other students, ask each other questions and converse about the course. Live chat rooms add further functionality to an online education.

There are even live audio and video chats, where, depending on your computer’s ability, you can see other students, talk to them directly and really get to know one another. Not to mention internet calling services such as Skype that let you connect with any other student at any time with questions, comment or for team projects.

Online education also lets students turn in their coursework in the same way that their instructors provide lectures! You can make your reports something really special by using PowerPoint presentations and recording voiceovers just as your professors do; there’s plenty of software available to help you make these multimedia reports.

Online bachelor degree courses now also feature tests. There have been a lot of advances which have allowed for the creation of online tests which can be administered accurately over the web. These tests are timed and contain multiple choice questions, essay questions and more. Just like a traditional class, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of the course material – technology may have changed a lot of things, but passing your tests is still up to you!

Know more than ever, online courses offer a complete classroom experience. From detailed presentations that make you feel like you’re in the lecture hall, to comprehensive testing services and student interaction, getting an online education has been made better through technology.

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