Manage Children’s Classroom Behaviour – Such A Simple But Powerful Technique!

August 5, 2019 Off By Liz Marsden

Not often I see something in schools that I agree with, but today was the day…

When on my first teaching practice during teacher training I was very surprised to see the difference in class layout… so much change since the last time I’d been in a primary classroom… No rows of desks but children sitting around tables in groups, facing each other…

What’s this all about, I thought?

I’ve never discovered why classrooms were changed to this ‘sitting round in groups’ arrangement and have never been convinced that anyone benefits from this ‘new’ setup. I can’t understand how anyone ever thought it could work… It just invites children to chatter and not concentrate on their work. Children can’t work when they’re being distracted – its almost impossible. None of my classrooms have ever been arranged in groups. But, teachers are extremely reluctant to change their class layout even when it can be proved that rows improve behaviour.

Teachers claim that the grouped layout enable them to plan group work for the children…

Research shows that well over 90% of teachers making this claim never involve children in genuine group work. Researchers claim the grouped layout creates an ideal environment for chatting and behaving inappropriately rather than focusing on their work.

It can also be seen that research shows young children demonstrating problem behaviour work in class for double the time when set in rows as opposed to the grouped layout.

So what did I see in the school today that made a good impression?

The teacher had become concerned at the rise in unacceptable behaviour had taken advice and re-arranged her class in rows.

And what was the result?

The change was dramatic and she couldn’t believe what had happened. The class was far quieter, their was more focus and the children concentrated more. Plus the children liked having the temptation to behave badly removed from them.

Try it and see improvements straight away… My well proven behaviour management techniques sort out the most extreme and challenging behaviour but the simple idea of changing classroom layout can be implemented in such a short time and you don’t have to practise anything new. It couldn’t be more simple…

Liz Marsden is a highly experienced behaviour management specialist who deals with the most challenging and extreme children’s behaviour. Liz uses her skills to train teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants and parents to deal with children’s behaviour effectively and confidently. Visit Liz’s website where you can access her easy to follow techniques.