Manage Your Time Efficiently In Your Work At Home Business

When I started as a network marketer, the biggest problem I had was that there was too much to do in too liittle time – or so I thought. Sounds easy to solve, but there are subtle factors at play, and a solution is not cut and dried

As my business is home based, there are other issues – the family can be a distraction, and when people see you at home, they assume that as you are not “at work” they can get your attention. I found a simple method to cope.

First, break time use into components. If you are working from home, you have: 1. Family – partner, kids, dogs, house chores, etc. 2. Work 3. Hobbies and outside interests

Now you need to build a timetable with all of your activities catered for. Include as much detail as you can so that you know it will work in a balanced way, with no emphasis on any part over any other.

Take your diary, or a copy of your timetable with you at all times. This will allow you to get back on track after family, friends or other things take your attention away from your allocated tasks. If you are unable to check your progress, you stay off track – check it regularly

Try to plan your day the night before – take a few minutes to write down the key activities you want to work on for the next day. Make sure there is time for the kids, some exercise, and (Most important!) you better half

I found the key to efficient time use: two 3 hour blocks of Work, with an hour of exercise, meditating or lunching with friends between them. For each hour of the 3 hour blocks, focus on working for 50 minutes, then relax for the next 10, and so on until the 3 hours are up.

Be very specific about your activity. At least 80% of your work should be on Income Producing Activity (IPA) such as (for network marketers) lead generation or follow up. The rest of your work should be mastering new skills.

So, how do you do it? Use a stopwatch or timing device. Set up 50/10 minutes for your hours. There is a body of research that reports that 50 minutes is the optimum period of maximum productivity. Work 50 relax 10 and so on until your 3 hour blocks are comepleted

I f you are working part-time, try to complete at least one session – 50 /10 /50 would be optimum.

You will get a pleasant surprise when you realise how much you have done by utilising your time this way. You could even make your full year income in a month.

Don Fuller was a successful adviser for 3 decades. His way of assisting clients was to enable financial freedom by leveraging the power of the Internet. His approach to home business ideas and systems has helped hundreds of clients. For more information on business ideas go to his Blog or Internetsite, where you can subscribe to his online business newsletters