Moving Boxes – Get More Bang for your Buck by Planning Ahead – 6 Vital Tips

Everyone will experience the joys of moving at least once in their life. It could be when you are 18 and leaving the nest or when you purchase your dream home. But the bottom line is at some point you are going to have to pack all you own into boxes and move them from one place to another. If you have to buy moving boxes it can be a real drag and add more stress to an already stressful situation, as it is an added expenditure and can be very frustrating.

If you don’t want your moving process to be a stressful affair, here are six important tips that could effectively streamline the tasks involved in moving and packing:

1. Make a rough inventory of all the items you need to pack to determine when to buy moving boxes and how many youll need. This will prevent you from overbuying or ending up not having enough boxes for the move.

2. Now that you have a basic idea of how much stuff you need to pack you can now buy moving boxes. You will want to purchase a few more than you estimate as invariably you will need more than you thought. If you do go over by a few boxes that is okay, you can often times sell used boxes to professional movers for a discount.

3. When you go to buy moving boxes you will want to choose among boxes of various sizes and purposes. Take the time to look around at the many box options available. You can find little boxes, big boxes and specialty boxes, each have their own special use. Purchasing the right type of boxes will go a long ways toward protecting your valuables when you move.

4. After you buy moving boxes you may need to reinforce them a tad. The bottom of the box is responsible for bearing the weight of everything in the box and you might want to add some padding in the form of bubble wrap or extra support such as extra cardboard pieces. All of these actions will insure that your belongings arrive at their new destination intact and damage free.

5. If you have ever moved before you are already aware of how easy it is to lose important items in the process. For this reason, after you buy moving boxes you will probably want to label each box individually. Write with a bold marker the room the contents belong to as well as a short sample list of contents, such as kitchen- spices, flour, and salt. This way you will know where everything is during the move and, more importantly, once you are in your new home.

6. Many people choose to buy moving boxes from a local retailer or a self-storage. You might be better off searching the internet for lower prices. With very few exceptions you will always find a better deal online than locally. You might think that shipping would eat up the savings but truthfully, in about 99% of the instances you will still save a significant amount.

Yes, moving can be a stressful affair. But with careful planning and enough preparation, it can turn out to be an exciting event as you look forward to new changes in your home life. Remember, if you plan to buy moving boxes, be sure to assess all the items you will need to pack up front so you can more accurately determine how many and what types of boxes to buy.

Monica Alberts provides useful information and resources about staying organized while moving. Find out more about cheap moving boxes by visiting her moving supply website.

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