Online Colleges Gain A Huge Advantage From Brand New Technology

September 21, 2020 Off By Ida Jones
by John B Maxted

One of the largest problems with online education has always been the lack of a classroom experience and a real college environment. In the past many people were unable to overcome this flaw and did not pursue an online education. However, in the last few years there have been great improvements in the technology used to deliver online bachelor degree programs. Now more than ever, online courses provide a realistic and interactive setting.

The widespread availability of high speed broadband internet connections has greatly simplified matters. Instructors can now put large video and audio presentations online, confident that their students will be able to quickly download the class material and begin working almost immediately.

Various recorded presentations are now part of online courses. These are also much better than used to be the case. Instructors will use a PowerPoint presentation along with recorded narration to explain the material covered. This provides students with an online education experience like that given in a lecture hall.

There are also instructors who record their lectures; many students prefer this, since they are able to see the professor speak for themselves. It’s also helpful to be able to match your professor’s names with faces and voices.

Another improvement in technology has enabled students to interact with each other more effectively. Online discussion boards serve as the virtual classroom, wherein you discuss topics with other students, ask each other questions and converse about the course. Live chat rooms add further functionality to an online education.

For those whose computers meet the system requirements, video and audio chats are also a possibility. Using VOIP services like Skype or webcams, students can easily meet each other and collaborate on class projects with ease – no matter how far away they may live from one another!

Just as your professor recorded his own PowerPoint or lecture, you can do the same. There are services and programs you can download that enable you to add voiceovers to presentations and to post them on the internet in easy fashion. Now you can host your own presentation and make a killer report on any topic you were assigned.

Don’t think that since you’re taking online bachelor degree courses you won’t have to take tests either! Technology advancements have allowed intricate testing systems to be created that are meant to accurately gauge an online student’s knowledge. Tests can be timed and can only be started or opened once, and there are all formats of questions including essays, multiple choice and true or false. What would be the point of spending money on an online education if you couldn’t even prove to yourself that you know the material?

Online education has come a long way and you can now learn from online courses in a way which is comparable to a traditional classroom setting. There are lectures, student interaction and collaboration and even online tests which work just as in a traditional university. There’s no reason not to choose an online education anymore. It’s convenient and you can earn the degree you need even if your schedule doesn’t permit you to take classes in the traditional manner.

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