Optimize and Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets

August 1, 2019 Off By Josh Krundle

Some people consider their bathroom their sanctuary. Others get stressed out even being in there. If you are one of the latter group, you might want to get organized and take control of your inner sanctum. If you find it difficult to find items on a daily basis, you might need to stop and consider what times are needed to get out the door and off to work every day.

The way to begin getting yourself reorganized is to think about what you do day in and day out to get ready for work. What products do you use every morning? How about every night before you go to bed? For those of you blessed with a lot of drawers, you are lucky and your task will go fairly easily. If you have limited drawers and a micro-bathroom, we will have to make some significant changes.

Ok, brace for yourself for a little bit of momentary chaos. If you are really serious about taking control of your bathroom sundries, start by taking everything out of your drawers. As you take things out, separate them into groups.

As you take items out, sort them into rough groupings of similar items. After that, sort the items into morning and evening that you use daily in your routines.

Now, you probably have found old packs of gum, halfway dissolved pills and a few loose coins. Toss the trash and keep the coins. Please don’t throw out money even if it is only a penny, it is bad for the environment and others can actually use it. You might consider finding a small box or bowl to toss loose change into every evening and placing it where you normally take off your clothes at the end of the day. This is also a great place to store your wallet and keys and perhaps even the phone charger. We are getting off track, so let’s head back to the bathroom!

Returning to your sorting process there will always be items that you can’t find a category for. Make quick decisions to either group them together in a random category or place each one with the most similar items you have found.

After you have sorted through everything and cleaned out the stickiness within each drawer, you are ready to begin creating new zones and filling them back up. Decide which items you use for morning and place those items in the top drawer if you have one. If there aren’t very many, you might want to store morning and evening routine items in the same drawer but keep them separated using drawer dividers or inserts. If you have ample amount of drawers, use fill them from top to bottom by frequency of use with most used on top, least used, like once a month teeth whiteners on bottom.

Sorting and storing items related to individual tasks is considered ‘storing by function’. This method works well in bathrooms and also kitchens but might not be the best for you so take it or leave it. The main point of the project is to create some type of zoning where everything in your bathroom has a place to live and everything in your bathroom fits and makes sense.

Now, for those of you without bathroom drawers I am sure you are still waiting for solutions to this seemingly impossible situation. You should probably look up and take a visual tally of the open vertical space in your bathroom. Do you have any open walls beside your sink? If so, buy a shelf unit and hang it there. If you need drawers, which are always helpful, buy small baskets to hold your loose items. Again, if you can store morning vs. evening routine items together, you can simply pull out a basket in the Am and PM and perform your routines with less effort.

Do you have an open wall? If so, consider installing shelves from floor to ceiling to use as storage. The wall behind the toilet is typically open for installing shelves or hanging a cabinet. Use as much of this space as possible for storage. Kitchen wall cabinets purchased from your local home improvement store work great for this area, are easy to install and provide deep storage.

Women who inherit this type of bathroom with a pedestal sink are the hardest hit. A basket or container that can be placed on the sink in the morning might have t suffice. Finding a small shelf or table that fits in between the sink and the wall might also become a good solution.

Finding a place to store makeup is a big challenge if you do not have bathroom drawers. Do not feel like you have to put on your makeup in the bathroom. It might be easier to use the top of your bureau. Install a lamp or overhead fixture so you have nice lighting and you might end up liking it better than your bathroom. An ingenious client uses a tabletop jewelry box to store her everyday makeup. She saves tons of time each morning by opening the shallow drawers ad accessing her makeup quickly and effortlessly.

Remember that your goal is to create order, space and a routine that saves you time as you prepare to leave for the day/ It might take a little tweaking to crate your perfect bathroom storage. The good news is that each time you organize, the task gets easier and easier until eventually you are organized full time and without any extra effort.

Chia Trams is an expert author, professional organizer and image consultant she ia also a contributing author for addspacetoyourlife.com .