Do You Use A PIM?

May 3, 2019 Off By Alexander Bartz

A PIM is a Personal Information Manager which helps you to organize appointments, emails, tasks, notes and contacts. See it as your organizing companion during the day.

The most important thing about organizing is that you don’t forget anything. Therefore a PIM should remind you of upcoming tasks and appointments. The contact manager should allow you to add all relevant contact information. You should be able to create individual fields and categories which help you to structure your data in the way you need it. Every function of the PIM should be intuitive – otherwise you’ll be quickly annoyed and will kick the PIM out of your life.

The PIM should store your data on your local hard disk. The disadvantage of storing everything online is that you need an internet connection to access your data and you simply don’t know who is the guy or company where your online storage remains. Remember – you’re storing your personal and business data at this place. It’s better to rely on PIM system which stores everything at your place and offers additional access over the internet (e.g. via a browser).

Most users have more than only one computer they work with. You often have a computer at home, one at your office and probably a laptop when you’re on the way. A good PIM should offer an easy way of data synchronization, so that you have your data available on every computer and should not be concerned about your data condition on every computer you use.

The last thing a good PIM should offer are team functions. Often you have to forward some information to someone else or you’re waiting for information. Wouldn’t it be easy when you just enable others to access your data directly? This will save you a lot of time. You should be able to flag personal data as private so that others can’t access it. With these PIM functions everything will work like a charm.

Alexander Bartz is senior project manager at soft-evolution, an innovative provider of the PIM software Pimero.

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