Points To Avoid Cramming Before An Exam

February 5, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Most students become paranoid and anxious when they hear of an incoming exam. Not only do they have to open up their notes but they will have to endure countless hours of studying which most students do no really like to do. But, these problems can be easily solved with the right study habits. Here are some of them.

Always have the time to study. You will be facing more problems if you study a night before the exam. You will be loaded with a lot of information that your brain can only handle and you end up feeling exhausted by the time you take your exam. Learn when your exam will be and study weeks before it.

Visualize your notes while you are studying. Have a picture inside your mind at where those topics are on your notes and while you are taking your exam imagine them. Learn to be comfortable with your notes and familiarize them so that you can picture it out.

A clear and fresh mind is always the best way to study. When you feel sleepy, take a nap and by the time you wake up, your mind is fresh and is ready to take another round of information.

If you are faced with problems other than your studies, make sure that you have dealt with them before you start studying. These problems might tend to derail your study habits if they are not solved right away. Talk to your counselor or someone who can help you with those problems.

Start a study plan right at the start of the semester. Once you have your schedule for the entire semester, look at your schedules and see where you can fit in an hour or two of vacant time to study for the concepts a week before they begin. Prepare a schedule for an entire day of the entire week.

Most exams have time limits so learn to juggle all the questions through that time period. If you are stuck in a question, skip it and answer those below then you can return once you are done with the entire exam.

As some students fall for the pressure of the exams, never let your guard down. Find ways to make studying enjoyable and pleasurable for you. Although you might not view studying as a pleasurable activity, learning can be very fun if you know how to make it.

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