Process Continuous Improvement Or Kaizen Study

July 9, 2019 Off By Agung Adiwijaya

For some people process continuous improvement are familiar term in their daily life conversation. We can easily find at manufacturing conversation and around it. Why? Because process continuous improvement is something they must be executed to be able to compete with their competitor. Process continuous improvement is kaizen in other word. But you know why? Mostly people don’t know these term or may be know but don’t understand.

So what is Kaizen or Process Continuous Improvement means? Many technical book outside define those word. I will resume shortly. Every effort to enhance from current condition to better condition is kaizen or Process Continuous Improvement. Why should we do that? Because our responsibility to give the best value of our product to the customer. If we lazy to do kaizen or Process Continuous Improvement then we will leave behind by our competitor. Means we have no business. So whatever our condition. Kaizen is a must to keep our business survive.

So how popularity this term in the world. Masaaki Imai explained in his book. In Japan, kaizen become their daily life style. Their habits or their culture. So in every news media both paper or audio visual we can easily find these term. So clear enough that kaizen is the real Japanese culture. What about America and European countries? Both of them initially prefer doing big innovation than kaizen. Kaizen or Process Continuous Improvement they assumes does not generate a big impact to the current condition. Lately still from the book. They enjoy kaizen or Process Continuous Improvement. They learn much from their Japan principal to implement kaizen properly on the shop floor.

Like I have already explained above. The Process continuous improvement or kaizen is a continuous activity to increase from current standard condition to reach better condition. The keyword which must be underlined is standard. Standard are sets of rule or order which has been specified from an activity including here are arrangement for machine, tool, methods, process setting, material, man as well as an area of to be obtained safely activity process, quickly and with good quality consistently. So we are necessary to specify standard beforehand, before doing continuous improvement process or kaizen. What if the standard not yet available? Hence we must have to standardize first, the easiest way is standardize the current process for starting point.

Why we need standard first before kaizen? The reason is simple. We can not measure our achievement if there is no standard value to be compared. For example: cycle time standard for finishing product are 1 minute. Then market demand is high. It means we must decrease our cleaning product time to be less than one minutes. So we are told success executed our kaizen or process improvement if we can reduce time below 1 minute.

In the next article. I would explain tools for doing kaizen or process continuous improvement. If there is some question. Just ask. Happy kaizen.

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