Productivity: 5 Strategies for Maximum Efficiency

September 19, 2020 Off By Ann Rusnak
by Ann Rusnak

Imagine you can increase your productivity by 20% without working more hours. What difference would that 20% make toward the success you achieve?

Try These Five Strategies to Help You Increase Your Productivity

1. Get Organized

It is crucial to long term success to create a productive environment that sustains you and your business. Disorganization squanders an average 7 hours of work per week, hinder all distraction and disturbance to streamline your atmosphere.

2. Know Your Energy Cycle

Schedule work effectively around your peak energy times; be perceptive to your best creative time cycles.

3. Transform Into Hyper Focus

Allow no distraction, which includes frivolous conversation, email, twitter, etc. Streamline tasks through setting time frames for concentration; prioritize assignments to importance, compact communications, writing, phone, email efficiently. Itemize duties in a timely manner for desired results.

4. Put Yourself First for a Change

Self neglect can cause tension on any business through increased stress and strain. Keep personal health a priority as it is effective in good business management.

5. Do nothing

Sometimes when you feel overwhelm and pressure, take a brain break. Let your mind wander for a few minutes. Taking a quick break almost always leads to a boost in productivity.

Start with one of these strategies, you’ll soon find yourself accomplish much more with less effort

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