Protect Valuable Computer Keyboards With A Translucent Keyboard Mask

A non-obstructive, easy to install, and translucent keyboard protector ensures a classic to curve keyboard is protected against spills, dust, and similar such contaminants.

A protective mask created in a high-grade silicone, thermoplastic urethane or resilient polyurethane offers a great shield against cookie crumbs, dust particles, fingerprint marks, liquid spills, oil or grease, perspiration, staining, as well as controlling flu/bacteria infection.

A typical mask, at a mere 0.1 – 0.25mm in thickness, is designed to coat the top-surface of a notebook, laptop or desktop PC keyboard, including the wrist area, keys, and touch-pad, while at the same time maintaining a quality typing experience.

A heavy-duty protective cover, with detailed molding, often comes constructed to fit a particular PC or model brand, such as those manufacture by HP, Dell Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Apple. A solid, fitting sheet offers complete protection, while still being able to retain sensitivity and key response.

A protective sheet or cover is designed to be simple to clean or disinfect, with a choice to use, disposable disinfecting wipes with a protective layer in place or if practical, remove the sheet and wash with water and a mild detergent. Either route is ideal to stop the build up of stains or the spread of germs in a public area.

A tough, translucent keyboard mask, often colored light blue, pink or clear, is designed to offer long-term protection, with an ability to resist tears, cracks, abrasions, and avoids slipping, as well as being unobtrusive in use to ensure all key and number characters are clearly seen.

A slim, premium-quality keyboard mask in silicone offers the extra benefit of being able to dampen the noise of keystrokes and that is often suited to certain office spaces, as well as special needs or educational environments.

Overall, a thin, soft, and flexible sheet of polyurethane or silicone is perfect to protect a keyboard from general wear to avoiding dirt, spills and grime, and suited to a complete array of situations from a school, cafe, office or similar set-up in a public environment.

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