Organize While Traveling

December 8, 2019 Off By Javi Noosh

If you work in the business world, you surely have receipts, business cards, bills, and other paper documents floating around your office and car, or tucked inside your wallet. All these pesky pieces of paper are critical for tax preparation, surviving audits, and sales or networking, but they are a huge pain to organize and are always easy to lose. Pushing these receipts or contracts through an expensive scanner or manually entering information into spreadsheets is tedious and time-consuming, as is hiring an assistant.

Visit , a company that transforms receipts, business cards and other paper documents into searchable, organized and useful data. With Shoeboxed, you’ll never waste another minute on scanning and data entry, or lose an important paper document again.

At Price Waterhouse Coopers (, they know it can cost $120 to find a missing receipt and $20 to file documents. You can have filing cabinets and drawers with all your papers stored but it can be very time consuming and expensive looking for a three month old receipt.

Shoeboxed helped me to unload the receipts in my wallet, desk drawer, and even banker boxes. I now login to the secure site and view or print any document I need. If I forgot the name of a potential client, no worries, Shoeboxed has my business cards scanned or if I need to return an item under warranty, no problem, Shoeboxed has my receipts date entered. My life is much simpler, yours can be too. is a robust paper clutter solution that comes with mobile, email and mail-in options to submit documents for processing. After users send documents to Shoeboxed, everything is scanned, data entered and human-verified. The extracted information is then organized and uploaded to the Shoeboxed web application, a secure site where users can access their individual accounts online from any computer. In the account, users can print copies of documents, generate expense reports and export data to QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel, PDF,, FreshBooks, Outlook, Address Book, Salesforce and more. Since Shoeboxed is an IRS-accepted electronic storage system, receipts are always tax and audit-ready, and the hard copies can be discarded after processing.

Shoeboxed Mobile is great for travelers or any smartphone user. You simply snap a photo of a receipt or a business card on the spot, and forward the image to your unique Mobile email address. The image will be data entered, organized and categorized in your account. For iPhone users an application is available in the iTune store for submitting receipts.

Send all your documents to shoeboxed and they will scan, data enter and organize online. Organization is key to success and organization has never been this easy. Try it now, free 30 day trial.

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