Save On Energy Expenses By Draught Proofing Your Sash Windows

December 2, 2019 Off By Chris Burrows

In these tight economic times, it might be more important than ever to reduce your energy costs by draught proofing your sash windows. Typically, more than a third of a home’s heat is lost through leaks and drafts that are preventable. Sash windows are among the biggest offenders. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when dealing with this problem.

Sash windows commonly cause a great deal of a home’s heat loss. They are usually older and less technologically advanced than other window designs. There are a number of ways you can try to reduce or eliminate heat loss from sash windows, and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

One quick and easy solution to drafty windows is to use thick curtains, blinds or drapes. Drapery helps reduce heat loss, but it is less effective than other more comprehensive measures. Also, drapery requires cleaning, possible repairs, and replacement, all of which presents costs to off set any savings in energy costs.

Another approach is to completely replace the window units. Replace your old leaky units with new, double-glazed, energy graded windows. This is not an inexpensive alternative. Also, you my have difficulty matching the new windows to the design of your home without the added expense of customized window units.

Another lasting solution, especially for older windows, is to have the windows re-glazed. This could allow you to improve your old panes while allowing you to retain the original sash design. Accompanying this with a complete overhaul and re-fitting of the windows with upgraded parts, fixtures, and seals will ensure the best protection against heat loss.

Upgrading your sash windows may be expensive, but the long term savings in energy costs will far outweigh the one-time repair and upgrade costs. Additionally, resealing the windows will reduce external noise. The upgrade will also add years to the life of your entire window unit through the repair and replacement of worn parts.

There are many ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, and you should explore them all. But perhaps the most effective way to prevent heat loss is to tackle the drafts and leaks around your window. The up-front cost might seem like a lot, but in the end, you will find that the savings will far outpace the costs when you reduce your energy costs by draught proofing your sash windows.

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