Shoe Shelves Offer A Space-Saving Footwear Storage Solution

October 13, 2019 Off By Cedrick Linton

A closet or free-standing shoe shelf offers a compact-sized furniture piece to organize and store a high volume of shoes, clothing and accessories.

A wire, chrome-wood combination, solid wood or bamboo constructed shoe organizer often comes with 2 to 4 tiers for a completely flexible storage solution – while the actual shelves, with a sink tray, slated rack or flat design give sufficient space to accept up to 16 sets of shoes. A low profile or vertical standing rack is perfect to locate at the foot of a wardrobe or closet, with its ability to sit beneath hanging clothing.

A shoe organizer, with its space-saving design and ability to organize and clear clutter, is available in multiple sizes, deigns, and configurations.

A stylish, shoe shelf organizer, often designed with a wooden/chrome frame and rod combination offers a desirable finish, which often complements most color and decor set-ups – a quality piece of this nature is perfect to position in a spot outside a closet.

An expandable shoe rack, constructed with steel or chrome bars with wooden or faux-leather finished end plates, offer complete versatility in its ability to lengthen by up to 20-inches to accept a small to large shoe-load – the ideal organizer offering flexibility in placement and shoe volume.

An eco-friendly option comes with the organizers manufactured in bamboo, offering a durable moisture-resistant, and simple to clean build, while also being good for the environment.

Appealing features often seen with a long length or vertical shoe rack includes a solid and hardwearing frame, with soft grip or rubber feet for a desirable degree of stability, an adequate distance in between the shelf levels for ease in accessing or storing footwear. Plus a choice of shelf types, with a forward-slanted shelf coming with a slight edge to stop footwear slipping off and a flat, sink tray offering a perfect wet weather choice to prevent mud or water drips falling on items or floor surfaces beneath.

All in all, a shoe shelf, with its ability to create extra floor-space and de-clutter a closet, offers a must have to organize a complete collection of boots, tennis shoes to slippers, folded clothes, and accessories.

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