Simple But Effective Tips For Getting Organized

It’s important to organize your life. When everything is more organized you can do and achieve much more. In fact, success depends to a large degree on how well you can organize things. And what would your life look like if it was ideally organized?

And a big part of fully organizing your life is to capture all important thoughts and things into a practical system.

Life when disorganized is filled with pressure, dissatisfaction and frustration in all 3 major realms of life.

First there is the physical realm. It involves the people in your life, the location you live, the practical things like financial management and your health.

The 2nd realm is the emotional part of your life, involving your happiness or moments of depression. Being organized gives you the emotional freedom to be at peace as much as humanly possible.

And the third realm is the mental. Expanding your minds ability to reason. To question. To listen attentively. Skills and character building. These things are of course necessary for how to organize your life.

We can also break our lifestyle into 3 ranges. The following 3 exercises help you control those 3 ranges whilst improving awareness of the 3 realms.

A. Short Range: 10 Minutes Get-On-Track Exercise. During emotional or mental confusion you can sit for 10 minutes or so and write down what’s on your mind. It’s so surprising that an exercise as simple as that can significantly help you get organized. In fact, it’s one of the very best techniques for organized living and controlling the 3 realms.

B. Medium Range: Weekend Review to Organize Life. A weekend review is the time to consider the entire past week and upcoming new week and come to some conclusions and reflections.

Weekly reviews are one of the things that when you make a habit of it, can have a dramatic lasting effect on how organized your entire life becomes.

And don’t let your brain trick you into missing this important technique. Yes it can be extremely hard work to think of all the messy details of how things are going and attempting to put it all in order. But don’t let your brain get away with chickening out.

Call yourself all sorts of bad names to motivate yourself if you’re being too lazy. And it doesn’t have to be hard. Just grab pen and paper and jot down the thoughts on your mind about what happened the week before and what’s on the agenda for the coming week.

Keep your notes from week to week and review the last weeks notes when you do this weeks review. You’ll be surprised at how much better your life is organized and the direction you are going in within just a few months.

C. Long-Range: Your Life’s Big Picture. Did you know that only 3% of people write down their goals?

Take the technique of ‘writing down your goals’ really far by thinking about all the big important things in your life.

How easily would you agree that the three techniques I’ve outlined are significant aspects to organize life? Again they are: 1. Regular 10 Minute Get-On-Track Reviews. 2. Weekly Self-Assessment Reviews. 3. Your Life’s Big Picture Reviews

Don’t worry about getting the 3 exercises right or wrong. The only mistake is to not do them. Simply by writing your ideas down I guarantee they will start to flow. Ask yourself question. What do I want. What have I done. etc.

More is available on the ultimate secret of how to get organized. Get ready-to-go templates on how to get organized in just 7 Steps.