Small and Large Kitchen Table Options

May 26, 2019 Off By Jim Slate

The problem with dining tables in a kitchen is sizing. Most kitchens are small or moderately sized, and this space has to be dedicated to function. The cook has a tough job assembling and organizing a variety of materials, and the more complex the meal, or the more guests attending, the more complicated this task becomes. Therefore they need as much space as they can possibly get to work. Thus, unfortunately, a dining table is not appropriate for each and every kitchen setting.

However if you are clever and creative, you may find that there are a variety of tricks that can be used to fit larger pieces into smaller spaces. These tricks include using angles, understanding size and shape correlations, and working with alternatives to achieve your desired goals.

One trick is to use the angles in the space to fit a table into an open nook. Round tables take up less space, relatively speaking, than square ones. This is because they don’t have those four almost useless corners, jutting out into the space. However, if your kitchen is lucky enough to have a free corner, a square or rectangular shaped table can actually be beneficial, as it will be able to squeeze snugly into the space, thus eliminating three out of the four corners, leaving you with plenty of space. If you need more seated room, you can wait till the chef is done, and then just pull the table out from the wall. This will allow you to float a couple of extra chairs around the table centerpiece.

You also have the option of opting for smaller side and accessory tables. These pieces include smaller kitchen dinettes, and bistro tables, which can be floated in some empty space. You can also choose to use a folding table or other portable piece that can be assembled when guests are over, and disassembled when the chef needs extra space to work in.

Another option is to use a lunch counter, or bar set up, attached to a random wall in the space. These will only just out into the room a little bit, and can actually be used to double as counter space when the chef needs a little extra room to work with.

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