Slim Plastic And Aluminum Storage Clipboards

A light, yet durable storage clipboard offers a flat, solid writing platform to make completing surveys, forms or questionnaires an easy and fast process on the go.

A reliable aluminum or resilient polypropylene made storage clipboard is equipped with a one-inch clip on the outer surface to accept letter or legal size pads (often at 8.5 x 12-inches), forms or invoices, and a top, side, or bottom opening hinge to expose a generously storage area.

Once opened, a clipboards storage compartment offers 1 to 3 pockets or shelves, often with a maximum 2-inch height capacity, which is spacious enough to hold an array of office supplies, such as notepads, files, pencils, pens, or DVDs. A well-concealed storage space is vital to keep all items clean, dry, and safe.

A multifunctional storage clip board, with a sufficiently sized capacity, measuring 10.5-inch in width x 2.75-inch in depth x 15.25-inch in height is perfect to hold up to 55-loose sheets, with single or split level, and separate area to hold writing tools.

Positive points to a solid built alum or plastic clipboard include slots for business cards, a soft, comfortable handle or grip, a solid clip in rubber or nickel plated to secure loose sheets, a side or bottom compartment to hold small supplies, such as clips, pens or pencils. A long-lasting grip or strap for accepting a calculator, a quality latch for a dependable fastening, and a 3-ring holder for accepting hole punched papers or files.

A well-crafted plastic or aluminum clipboard with storage can come with such protective features as an antimicrobial coating to prevent or slow the often-damaging development of bacteria or fungi on these portable office supplies.

A standard black or charcoal to bright orange colored clipboards are ideal for an active professional on the move and employed in such occupations as coaching, construction, sales, public safety or real estate, and serves as a great travel accessory to avoid taking along an extra holdall for the small items, such as pens and calculators.

Overall, a storage clipboard, with large storage capabilities is perfect as a writing platform for completing surveys, worksheets, or taking memos, while offering a suitable storage area to protect writing essentials from adverse weather conditions.

Desmond Marston writes articles, reviews, and products reports on a variety of topics, including those on the mobile Storage Clipboard and the versatile Plastic Folders.