Small Plastic Parts Drawers: Information On Plastic Storage Drawers

December 3, 2019 Off By Cheyene Ganggang

For those who own a small business like hardware store and you sell tiny parts with lots of different shapes and version you can use a plastic drawer to organize them. Many plastic drawers include a built-in tag holder so you can just post the part number or the name of the product itself for an easy retrieval. You can add bin cards if you want, for catalog tracking.

Make use of the different drawer colors for every kind of product for easy product identification like a color coding. Since they are stackable you can just get additional units if you need to have more storage containers for latest items. The number of drawer that can be stacked relies on the weight of the material you put on them so remember to examine the specification of the plastic drawers before ordering to avoid injury. Great for people who are just beginning a completely new business with limited funds, just order few units that you need to have for the moment and add later if you need more.

It is possible to even use them in your small-office at home to manage documents; some plastic storage drawers are particularly made for file safe-keeping with built-in folder holder where you can hang your folder files. Just in case you need a more safe storage for your confidential files, you can get one with built-in lock so you will feel safe from your kids accidentally messing up your files every time you are far away from home. Some units are available with wheels so you don’t have to carry them if you need to transfer from one area to the other.

If you travel a lot, or perhaps you are a service professional technician on the go, and you bring common parts that you use in fixing like resistors, capacitors etc. and tools, a plastic storage compartment box with 18-20 drawers placed at the back of your car is very handy. So you do not need to return home if you need to have parts or special tools, you can take them all if you really want. And when you’re done, you can simply lift the whole drawer together with your tools and spare parts and place them in your garage.

Use them in your house, in your garage to keep extra parts for your vehicle, work dress and rugs. Maybe you like to personalize your car and you keep standard spare parts for your car like bolts and nuts, electrical terminals and wires, so instead of placing them in one drawer you may want to organize them for a quick retrieval. Or if you love to purchase new tools and your toolbox gets overcrowded, leaving your tools everywhere is extremely dangerous. You can just buy a plastic storage drawer on wheels and put all your things in there.

They are also great on your restroom to keep your towels, spare hair shampoos and soaps. You can also make use of them to store your kids’ toys in their playroom. If you have pets in your home, instead of buying another overpriced pet litter box or pet cabinet why not buy a much affordable plastic storage drawer which are a lot easier to clean and maintain.

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