Some Tips When Managing A Fun Golf Tournament

June 19, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

It’s quite normal that fun golf tournament planning will focus on having fun from the tournament. You want every single participant to enjoy their time spent in the competition and you want it to be a memorable experience for all. You can have fun only when you agree on some fun golf tournament ideas that you’re going to use. How can you be creative enough to come up with some good ideas? If you’re at a loss, let us help you out with some suggestions. Here are some things we’d suggest considering when planning out your golf tournament.

We’re now going to be familiar with some of the different formats for teams in a fun golf tournament. The teams may be of any size and they all require cooperation amongst groups, building teamwork skills and adding to the competitive spirit of things. People generally tend to love these ideas and you might too. Let’s look at some game ideas then.

The ‘1-2-3 best ball’ fun golf format requires four person teams. All the golfers participate in a simple manner and one player is out after the third hole is done. When the first hole is done, the lowest score is on the card and in this manner when the third hole is done, the lowest three scores are on the card. Now these three start from one.

The rule of playing ‘Aces And Deuces’ is that you accept the lowest score as the ace and the highest score as the deuce. The ace player wins a preset amount of money set aside by the other players.

This game becomes quite interesting as the deuce owes each of the other players a preset amount. This amount is usually half of the ace. That is why the second and third place players also win some money. Eventually this game can be quite motivating and interesting.

You can have fun and play golf when you play ‘Honest John.’ The game is made interesting by asking all the players to put a fixed amount into a pot.

Ask each golfer to write down the score he or she thinks he or she will be able to make on the round. Check with this score card and the real one at the end of the round. The golfer who gets the closet is the winner.

Well, these fun golf tournament ideas will work as example ones to your group. You need to initiate the discussion about the ideas and then you may see whether members agree with you. Enjoy now.

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