Stop Wasting Your Time and Save Two Weeks a Year

Stop Wasting Your Time and Save Two Weeks a Year

March 9, 2020 Off By Sherry Borsheim

“Americans waste an average of 55.2 minutes every day looking for papers & files.” Think about your day, can you imagine what a relief it would be to reclaim almost an hour of time EVERYDAY! When you add up that wasted time over a year you will have lost a full two weeks! With our busy lives I bet you can find many more things you would rather spend two weeks doing. Save yourself the frustration of searching for papers, receipts, bills, and other files choose to spend time organizing paperwork today.

Begin by taking the following easy steps to organize your home office. First you will need to set up a bag for recycling, a bag to shred, and a box for what you will keep. Next implement! Sort all of your papers into these three categories.

Really pay attention to what you are keeping and what you choose to get rid of. It is likely you can shred much more then you think. Don’t clutter up your space with unnecessary materials this will only make organizing paperwork more difficult! To avoid piles of paper in the future keep a paper shredder under your desk, this way “to be shredded” papers are taken care of right away.

Get ready to succeed. According to research if you want to gain back that two hours a day there are two important components. Any paper should be able to be located in 30 seconds or less. And second you should be able to easily put away all incoming papers. How do you do this? Set up a system for that is simple and straightforward to use and also easy to keep up. Use my Fast-Filing Method or another system of organizing paperwork make sure it is fast and easy!

Next it’s time to keep your home office organized. These tips will help you do just that. First start by stopping the junk mail from coming into your office. Use Catalog Choice Mail Stopper. At no cost they will reduce your junk mail by 90 percent! You can decide what you want to keep coming in the mail. Save your time and save natural resources by eliminating the amount of junk mail you have to deal with everyday. Organizing paperwork can be faster and easier if you have to deal with less paper.

Again the key to keeping your office organized is a simple effective filing system. Make sure your system is straightforward and painless to use so you will keep it up and continue to use it. Consider this when putting together a system, according to the National Association of Professional Organizers, the average person has 3000+ documents at home and 83% of what is filed is never referenced again.

Lastly leave time out of your day everyday to keep up your filing system, it only needs to be a few minutes a day. If organizing paperwork is too difficult to maintain with only a couple minutes a day then consider using my Fast Filing Method.

That hour a day of searching for lost papers has been voted the biggest burden for small businesses. Eliminate this burden from your home office by organizing paperwork and keeping it that way. Start reclaiming your two weeks today with an effective filing system and organized home office.

Heidi DeCoux is a productivity, organization & profitability consultant and creator of The Fast-Filing Method organizing home paperwork. To get a FREE home office filing system e-Solutions Kit, which features the audio class: The Fast & Easy Way to Get Organized and Stay Organized Forever, visit