Stopping A Third Of Energy Loss From Your Home

February 19, 2020 Off By Yolanda Reyes

Most people mistakenly believe that the soil outside does the insulation for them so they don’t insulate their basement walls. From your basement, heat loss can account for over one third of the total heat loss from your home because soil isn’t considered a good insulation.

Done properly, basement insulation will not only reduce heat loss, but it will make your basement warmer, drier and much more comfortable.

There are two main ways to insulate your basement – interior insulation and exterior insulation.

You can use any of the main types of home interior insulation for interior basement insulation such as rigid foam board and spray foam and fiberglass batts. To help support the insulation and give you a place to attach paneling or dry wall, you can have metal or wood frame studs.

Before adding the stud frame and insulation, you should also install a moisture barrier over the bare wall. Over the installed frame and insulation, you should add a vapor barrier before adding drywall and paneling.

For exterior basement insulation, you must excavate the soil around your home so you can get to the outside surfaces of your basement walls. Cover the entire surface of the wall with a layer of waterproofing material before adding rigid insulation. Install metal flashing and protective cover over the insulation so that moisture is prevented from getting between the insulation and basement wall.

Before you install any kind of basement insulation, any cracks, leaks, or moisture problems must be fixed first. Moisture can seriously damage your finished basement and the problem is far more difficult and expensive to fix after a basement is finished.

Moisture and vapor barriers don’t prevent water leaking through wall cracks but they will help reduce condensation. The best way to make sure you don’t have moisture problems from any source is a basement waterproofing system.

On the outside, install a drainage system when insulating the wall. You need to waterproof your basement to prevent water damage.

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