Boat Dry Storage Boxes: Basic Info On Underbed Storage Boxes

December 10, 2019 Off By Cheyene Ganggang

There are various kinds of under bed storage drawers you can order based on your bed set-up. Also, they are available in different kinds of material, but the most popular is the real wood underbed drawer. If you are searching for a bed with storage drawers beneath it then it’s a lot easier and looks more presentable than if you would purchase only the drawer.

Getting a wooden drawer that will compliment the color and pattern of your existing bed is very difficult. Most of the time people today just buy them regardless of the color as long as it will perfectly fit snugly under the bed, then they’ll just re-paint it to match up the color of the bed and perhaps make some changes for the stopper and guide rails. Usually wooden drawers don’t have a top cover on it. It uses the body of the bed as a cover when it is in closed position. Additionally, a small wheel is included on four side of the box to reduce friction for easy access and at the same time protects the floor from scratches.

The other type of underbed drawer is made of flexible plastic. It’s actually a typical single stackable plastic drawer with a very low profile to fit under the bed. Since it is a set of drawer with the entire body and the actual cabinet, the wheel is no longer necessary because the friction between the body and the drawer is very small.

In case your bed is too high you can make use of two plastic drawers stacked together like a two drawer cabinet. You can put almost everything on it, put your collection of DVD’s on it and bring them all together with the plastic drawer or just choose few pieces. Perfect for individuals who are just bed spacing or living in a small to medium sized dormitory with restricted area. Or for individuals who is always on the move that works out of town and carries their personal tools or files while working.

If you have practical understanding in woodworking and you have some basic tools and extra materials from previous projects you can actually personalize and make your own cabinet drawer. Using recycled plywood, few nails and paint, you can make a simple wooden drawer box without having to spend your hard earned money.

But if you do not have the resources and you decide to invest in them, be certain that the total expense is not as much as if you are purchasing a readymade one. Or else it would be better if you purchase it online and have it shipped in your house. Just remember to consider other additional costs for example tax and shipping cost to the finalized price before finally placing your order.

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