Storage Cabinets Can Solve The Curse Of A House Without Closets

January 17, 2021 Off By Adam Pink
by Adam Pink

If you were to ask the the woman of the house what is the biggest thing missing from her house, you will generally get the answer ‘closets’. Every house needs storage space, and it seems that more houses than not have fewer closets than the owners would like. Even if this is the case, there is a cheap and easy solution to keep your belongings and life organized, and that solution comes in the form of storage cabinets.

There are many different types of storage cabinets. Some are built into the structure of your house. Others are free standing and are not integral to your house. Of the built in storage cabinets, some are flush with your walls while others are attached to the wall and stick out into the room. Although I have preferences amongst the different types of storage cabinets, all provide benefits and the use of them should be optimized.

The first thing you should realize is that the contents of a storage cabinet shouldn’t stagnate. I storage cabinet is not a place to store junk you no longer use. This is the biggest and most common misuse of cabinets. People end up storing older belongings they no longer use regularly and these items sit in the cabinets taking up valuable space for years. Every storage cabinet should be emptied at least once per year. Anything that hasn’t been touched in a year should be given to the charity shop.

Bathroom medicine cabinets can be a terribly misused storage cabinet. These cabinets are full of cold medications, pill samples, sun screens, bug repellents, allergy medications, etc, etc. I bet that half the over the counter medications found in most bathroom storage cabinets is outdated. Empty that cabinet. Check the dates on everything and dispose of all outdated medications. Some medications are important to have on hand like Ibuprofen and anti-histamines. Make sure you have a new supply of these and get rid of everything old.

If you are one of those unlucky people to be cursed with a house or apartment with no built-in closet space, you understand the necessity in finding alternative storage. This is the perfect opportunity to use storage cabinets, in any one of several sizes and styles, to not only add extra room to put your belongings, but also to decorate your house. Furniture items such as shelves, wardrobes and trunks can be found in any style of decor you want, and are the perfect opportunity for you to add some lovely accent pieces to your home.

If you organize your storage systems, I guarantee that your house will quickly look less cluttered. Not only will your house be less cluttered but it will feel lighter. Organization systems are easy to put in place but first you must purge and rid yourself of old unused items. Use your cabinet storage wisely and you will be happy that you did.

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