Storage Cabinets Make House Organization Easy

January 11, 2021 0 By Adam Pink
by Adam Pink

Storage cabinets are the forgotten little brother in comparison to real closet storage. Although they seem to play second fiddle, when it comes to your organization scheme as a whole, storage cabinets serve a valuable role in keeping each room in your house organized.

Storage cabinets come in many different forms, and also in many different sizes. Even though you are limited with your built-in storage space, it does not mean that you must suffer without any storage space of any kind. Cabinets can be built-in, but if you are short on built in closet space, chances are there are few storage cabinets available in your house either. Any size of cabinet will work for storage purposes, from a blanket box used as a side table in the spare bedroom, to a large oversize armoire used as an extra clothes closet in your bedroom.

One thing to remember if you are using storage cabinets for your belongings is that since they are typically have less room than closet storage, you tend to stack things up in cabinets, resulting in the possibility of musty items, and even worse, mold or mildew if moisture is able to reach your belongings. Make sure to use cabinet storage only for items that are rotated on a regular basis. You should generally follow the rule that, other than for keepsake items, if you are leaving items in storage for longer than one year, you should seriously consider whether you really need to store it, or whether it would be best to just give it away to charity and free up that extra space for more often used items.

If I had to use an example for cabinets that are generally under-utilized, I would have to say that bathroom storage is often the most in-efficiently used storage space in your house. This is because most bathrooms contain medicine cabinets that are packed full of old half used and expired items that you will probably never use again. If you were to go through your cabinets and get rid of anything that you don’t use on a daily or weekly basis (excluding up to date medicines), you would most likely find that you could free up over half the storage space you have available. Remember that freeing up inefficiently used space is like adding new storage space.

It has always saddened and confused me that there are houses in which storage space simply does not exist. I know this may seem like an over reaction, but clutter and disorganization really has a negative impact on my life. I didn’t realize that until fairly recently, but once you discover the difference that organization can have, you will understand too. In these cases where there is just no storage space available, cabinets become the perfect solution. Try looking for some large armoires for clothes and large items, and trunks which can double as furniture. Choosing ‘furniture’ pieces as storage also allows you to really enhance your decor with your particular theme. Whether that is rustic, modern, or antique, finding storage cabinets that complete your house decor is one of the most satisfying things I think I have done in my house.

Storage is such an important part of keeping a clean and organized house, but so many people overlook the extremely important function that storage space provides to a house. If you have been cursed with a living space that is short on built-in storage space, just use your imagination to find different options for creating storage cabinets. Even though they may be small, when it comes to storage space, every bit is as useful as the next. You just need a proper plan so that all your storage works together.

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