Storage Solutions For Your Closets

by Jane A Moore

Storage solutions have always been a problem for me. I tried to organize my closets. I tried to keep my closets tidied but I generally failed as I simply had too much stuff.

Times have changed and I have to admit that closet organization has become a fairly substantial industry. There are closet organization consultants and there are closet organization companies. If you Google the term hundreds and hundreds of web sites show up claiming that they can quickly help you redesign your closet organizational system.

Although, I feared organizational failure I feel pretty successful in my venture. I now have organized closets. My big eureka moment came when I noticed that my most career-wise successful friends had extremely well organized closets. This was a con-incidence they told me. They said they simply did not have time to deal with any disorganization in their lives. It made sense.

I started to copy the ideas of my friends. The first closet I tackled with my front hall closet. This closet was my Achilles heel but was also the closet I used the most. I started with a shoe rack and some clear plastic bins that I placed side by side on the top shelf. With these small additions my closet seemed infinitely more organized. I organized the contents of the bins between hats and scarves, sporting gear, and slippers. What a difference.

Fortified by my first closet organizing experience I made a list of the other closets in my home and ranked them in order of their disorder. In turn, I tackled each closet and made at least marginal improvements. Along the way I have found a hobby. I really like to read and write about storage solution tricks.

The first step in organizing your closet is to be honest with yourself about what you really need and use. Once you have done this type of critical inventory make a bag of items to give to the charity shop. You do not need to hire a closet organizational consultant if it is not in your budget. After purging your closet, you can start with something small like temporary shelving and bins. Experiment a bit. There are decent and affordable storage solutions for every closet.

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